About the Fund


The Imperial Tobacco Pension Fund is one of the oldest pension funds in the UK. Find out more about the Fund's history and development here and meet the Trustees of the Fund.

New Company Appointed Trustee Director - Tom Lukic
Tom Lukic, representing Dalriada Trustees Limited, has been appointed as an independent Employer Nominated Trustee on the Imperial Tobacco Pension Trustee Board.
Meet your trustee directors
Imperial Tobacco Pension Trustees Limited. From left to right: Lisa Hall, Ken Hill, Helen Clatworthy, James King, Kirsty Green-Mann and Tony Dunnage.
New member nominated trustee appointed - Ross Parker
Ross is a member nominated trustee who joined the Trustee Board on 1 September 2022. Ross is Director of Group Corporate Affairs and Head of CLA Operations.
Trustee Company Details

Registered Address: 121 Winterstoke Road, Bristol BS3 2LL


Company Registration Number (CRN):237979


VAT Number: 736643516


Brief History of the Fund
1929 to present
Pension Fund Membership

At 31 March 2023 there were 27,704 members of the Fund


Defined Benefits members (including any dependents) who currently receive a pension from the Fund.


Defined Benefit members who still work for Imperial Brands.


Defined Contribution members who still work for Imperial Brands.