Am I a DB or a DC member?

Is your pension held in the Defined Benefit (DB) or the Defined Contribution (DC) section of the Fund?

DB or DC?
What is the difference between a DB and a DC pension scheme?

Defined Contribution


A defined contribution pension scheme is one where your pension pot on retirement will depend on how much has been contributed and the growth of that money over time, which will depend upon where it has been invested. These types of pensions are also known as 'money purchase schemes' and can be set up by yourself (eg personal pension plan) or an employer. On retirement the accumulated pension pot would be used to provide you with benefits. 


Defined Benefit


A defined benefit pension scheme, also known as a 'final salary pension', is a pension arrangement set up by an employer that offers a member a set benefit for each year after they retire. This type of pension is not dependent on investment performance but on your final salary (as defined by the scheme's rules), a pension accrual rate and the length of your scheme membership as an employee member. 

DB pension = Service x Accrual Rate x Final Salary

Defined Benefit (DB) section of the Fund

The DB section of the Fund is administered by the Pension Fund Office team who are based at Imperial's offices in Bristol.

Defined Contribution (DC) section of the Fund

The DC section of the Fund is administered by Aegon, which also acts as the investment manager for DC assets.

Contact Aegon

DC members of the Fund should contact Aegon. 

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