Your personal details

Please keep of us informed of any changes

For the DB Fund only

The below only refers to members in the DB Fund.

Members of the DC section should report changes to their personal details, such as name and address changes, to Aegon.

Address changes

We will not be notified of your change of address from any external organisation including H. M. Revenue & Customs. We therefore encourage you to notify us of any change of address as soon as you are able to after your move.


If your pension is in payment and correspondence is returned by Royal Mail from your address, as a security measure, and for the protection of your pension, we will suspend any further payments until we have a new address for you. We therefore encourage you to provide us with other forms of communication such as a telephone number and email address as we will attempt to contact you by these means before suspending your payments.


If you wish to change your address you can use our change of address form and send it to our postal or email address.


Bank changes
If your pension is in payment we can only make changes to your bank details if your (or your Power of Attorney's) signature is provided alongside the new bank details. You do not need to notify us if your branch address has changed, just if the Sort Code, Account Number or Reference change.
Reporting a death

We are always sorry to hear that a member of the Fund has passed away. 

We understand that the process of reporting a death can feel overwhelming. There are many ways you can notify us that a member of the Fund has passed away; by phone, email or even using our death notification form.


For information on the process and the information we will require following initial notification of the death please click here. 

Name change
If you change your name, through deed poll, marriage, divorce or civil partnership, please send us whichever form of legal documentation shows your change of name, and we will amend your record. We do not need to be notified of your marriage or civil partnership, unless your name is changed in the process.
What happens if I get divorced?

Once divorce proceedings start, you are likely to need to know the current value of your pension from the Fund. You should contact the Pension Fund Office to request this information.


If a pension sharing order is made through the Court as part of your divorce settlement, then this will specify a percentage of the value of your pension benefits to be paid to your ex-spouse. Your ex-spouse must transfer their share (known as the pension credit) out of the Fund to an external pension arrangement of their choosing. The receiving scheme must be a HMRC tax registered pension scheme.


Please note that the Trustee will make a charge for implementing the pension sharing order and full details are shown on the policy document.


If a pension sharing order is implemented then your pension will be reduced by the relevant pension sharing percentage specified in the Court order. 


To see the Trustee policy on pension sharing due to divorce please click here.

Power of Attorney
We are unable to make any changes to a member's record or provide any information over the phone without the member's consent during the call or a Power of Attorney held on their Fund record. If you wish to act on behalf of someone who is unable to look after their own affairs, please complete and send us the attached Power of Attorney form. Should you wish to change any personal details for the member please enclose a letter confirming this at the same time.